Our begining

It all begins in Puente Genil in an unexpected way, and almost without thinking, this event arrives unexpectedly that, without the need to describe it, brings up a host of feelings and reflections that make you think about ourselves, and encourage us to stomp on life. That which caused the greatest disorder of ideas, served to perfectly channel everything necessary to reach our goal. Not only have we tried to come up with an excellent gin, but across the three varieties, we have surprisingly set a milestone “try it alone with ice”. You will see how our gins motivate interaction and will even provoke sensuality with a touch of elegance.

Of the best, among other things for its youth, carefully created to get from the newest palate for its freshness, to the most exquisite and demanding for its elegance and subtlety, conquering you with a single sip, moving you to where you have always wanted. to go. For this reason, this Premium Gin of unsurpassed quality, comes to make a difference and refresh the flavor within the world of gins, turning them into a unique product of any of the three varieties, allowing us to enjoy the best pleasures of life.

To do this, we have tried to choose each of its ingredients at the right time, and of course, from the most suitable place and where it is fertile by nature, in order to fully focus on everything that makes us enjoy when savoring it in our mouth. All this, combined in the best centenary copper stills so as not to lose even a minimum of the desired essence.

Arriving today in remote and special places, from private homes to the best places in our national territory, intensifying its consumption in the land that made it cradle and saw it born.

Manuel Morales. Founder of Gin Moral's 53

“Enjoy the little things that life offers you,
because tomorrow you may discover that, in reality,
it was always the greatest things. “

They have already tried Gin Moral's 53

"I was surprised by its smoothness and taste, I recommend it."

Manuel Carbonell

"I never thought I was going to taste a taste like this."

Toñete Catalan

"A product of our land and with an exquisite spirit."

Curro Diaz

Where to discover your Gold Cup?

These are some of the pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants
where you can find Gin Moral’s 53

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