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Premium Gin, with ESSENCE of Quince

Of unmatched quality and captivating to the most demanding palate.
Aromatized with a fruity character, distilled in alembic of centenary copper, using the best essences and combining them with their botanicals we obtain that delicacy that enjoyed only by those who have been lucky enough to try it. Quince, cardamom, juniper and lemon are masterfully blended to enjoyment in a glass.

70 cl. / 40% vol. / Without gluten

Premium Gin, Cinnamon flavor with 24k Gold particles

Aromatic with a spicy character, distilled in an alembic of centennial copper, being the most exotic of all, for its softness on the palate, achieving an attractive seduction of unsurpassed quality of our best essences and botanicals. Cinnamon, cardamom, juniper and orange fused with 24K molecular gold particles enhance the subtlety of our cup.

70 cl. / 40% vol. / Without gluten

Premium Gin, MELON flavor with 24k Gold particles

The most refreshing of the varieties, with a visual appeal and aroma comparable to its excellent quality. Flavored with fruity character, distilled in a centenary copper alembic, combining the best essences and mixed botanicals masterfully. Melon, cardamom, juniper, lemon and our Glamorous touch with 24K gold particles. they make it a drink spectacular.

70 cl. / 40% vol. / Without gluten

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