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Achieved without further pretensions to the simplicity of having a good time with friends, making its perfect combination with tonic, also ginger ale or lemon fanta tonic.
To give it distinction you can add cardamom, juniper berries and a touch of fresh ginger.


Refreshing for any time of the day, having a range of possibilities to suit each exquisite palate, combined with tonic for the most classic ones, with lemon-lime soda, thus achieving a slightly less bitter and more refreshing touch, and, for the sweetest, we merge with fanta. of lemon.
Accompanied with a lemon peel twist and two red fruits, they will make it even more sublime.


Evocative to seduce any palate, due to its soft aroma of cinnamon, special for the most promising sunset, the tonic being its most natural companion, strengthening flavors with lemon-lime soda, and if we seek a harmony between softness and sweetness, we will accompany it with orange fanta.
It does more smug with an orange peel twist and a fresh cinnamon stick.

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